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4 Unique Facts Regarding Padang Restaurant (including nasi padang!)

Indonesian people are so idolize nasi padang. How come? Padang restaurant are everywhere. The cuisine in every restaurant is not much different. However, all Padang cuisine favored by the people of Indonesia.

In fact, recently, the Norwegian Caucasians who falls in love with the Minang cuisine also created a song called “Nasi Padang”. The song that he uploaded on YouTube and went viral. As a fan of nasi padang, do you know about the four unique facts regarding Padang Restaurant?

1. Portions wrapped nasi padang is so much more

If you buy nasi padang, wrapped portion would be so much more than eat in the restaurant. It turns out there is a reason behind it.

Don’t be surprised if you bring home a packet of nasi padang and find a super large portion to be eaten. It is a habit of Minang citizens and carried out by the whole Padang restaurant in Indonesia.

2. The waiter is so expert brings many dishes

Padang restaurant owned by descendants of the original Minang has its own traditions when serving food. Plates dishes stacked in the left arm, and presented in a short time.

You’ll often come across Padang restaurant and the waiter was “maneuvering” with plates on his arm. This is the tradition in a restaurant serving cuisine in West Sumatera, and a must have skill by the waiters.


3. No Padang restaurant in West Sumatra

We could find a Padang restaurant on every street in Jakarta. From simple to fancy Padang restaurant.

In West Sumatra, you will not find the Padang restaurant as in other cities in Indonesia.

4. Why rendang so special?

Speaking nasi padang certainly not separated from rendang.

One of Minang tradition that involves rendang is ‘makan bajamba’. Makan bajamba is a tradition of eating together. In this tradition, usually there will be a main meal, curry goat’s head, for example as appetizers and rendang as the main dish.

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