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7 new Nokia 3310 elements you’ll wish your modern smartphone had

Now we’re discussing the arrival of the most famous cell phone ever, the adored Nokia 3310.

A gadget that characterized an era to say the very least, this little block of plastic and hardware is one of the top of the line telephones ever, and the main gadget anybody around at the turn of the everyone needed to have. Presently, 17 long years since its namesake was initially presented, and 13 years after it was expelled from generation lines, the Nokia 3310 is back.

Its specs sheet may be little and its capacities downplayed, yet that doesn’t mean this handset couldn’t educate your current cell phone powerhouse some things. On the off chance that the accompanying Nokia 3310 components were on any semblance of the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7, we wouldn’t get so amped up for our yearly redesign moving around.


The Nokia 3310’s battery life is a thing of legend. Fit for going weeks between catalysts, charging this thing was a curiosity instead of an errand. You could fall into a state of insensibility, wake up, recuperate regardless you’d not needed associated this otherworldly little machine to the mains.

With the new model offering comparable month-long backbone (on standby, there’s 22 hours of constant talk time), it’s just an indication of how our requirement for daily cell phone charges is a cutting edge bad dream.


The times of highly contrasting cell phones may be over, however the extra shading plans on offer still have a tendency to be erring on the side of caution. Notwithstanding their horrendously terrible names like “Striking Black”, “Distinction Gold” and “Truly Blue” – all certified cell phone hues – telephones simply don’t pack the consideration getting punch they used to.

In the event that silver, gold or the pinkish tones of whatever rose gold should be aren’t for you, there’s next to no decision in the top of the line handset space. That is the reason we need the new 3310’s face-meltingly brilliant fluorescent yellow paint occupation to be an obligatory alternative on every single future telephone, much the same as the building site howdy vis that plainly propelled it.


Similarly as mold directs that our pants must become skinnier and more tightly, the tech scene has demanded that the telephones we bear should be as large as that Filofax your grandad still demands owning.

Yes, the new Nokia 3310’s 12.8mm thick body may be decidedly full contrasted and the 7.1mm type of the iPhone 7, yet its general impression is a whole lot littler. Fit for fitting in the palm of your hand on account of its sub-sized 2.4-inch show, it won’t extend your thin pants and make your legs look unusually knotty on a night out.


One for the iPhone 7 proprietors here, as the new Nokia 3310 offers an element missing from the most rich of all the top of the line handsets: bolster for conventional cabled earphones. Apple may have discarded the standard 3.5mm for pushing all of us into purchasing another match of Bluetooth jars, yet the Nokia 3310 2017 release gladly kicks things outdated.

The base-mounted 3.5mm sound jack implies you can tune in to music progressing without stressing over depleted earphones or remote obstruction. It’s convenient sound as proposed – the fitting, play, party approach that doesn’t accompany vibe-disturbing battery concerns.


At the point when the first Nokia 3310 turned out, you were sufficiently close restricted to one progressing gaming choice. Luckily, that coincidentally was the best portable diversion there ever was, is or ever will be – Snake. The new Nokia may have energized it up, however it’s back and carrying all the sentimentality feels with it.

Presently, iPhone and Android proprietors have a huge number of diversions to pick, some to equal your reassure offerings, however things simply aren’t the same. Yes, you can download Snake to practically any telephone on the planet, however playing it on the physical number keys of the 3310 just gives you a warm feeling that no 99p application can give. It resembles a tech embrace from the past.


Another for the iPhone proprietors – the capacity to grow the telephone’s interior stockpiling at the cost of the adjustment in your pocket as opposed to an outing to the advances office at the bank.

Yes, there might just be a humble 16MB (no, that is not a grammatical error) of interior stockpiling on this gladly antiquated moronic telephone, making its microSD development abilities a need, yet the 3310’s stockpiling step-ups are something iPhone proprietors have been requesting for quite a long time without any result. Much appreciated, Apple, we’ll simply continue holding up then, yes?


With regards to cell phones, you get what you pay for, yet there’s no getting away from that the new Nokia 3310 is still absurdly shabby.

With a €49 asking value (UK evaluating is still TBC), you could get 23 of these at the cost of one 128GB iPhone 7 Plus. Certainly, any semblance of Apple and Samsung toss in a couple (read loads) more components, yet would you be able to truly put a cost on all the positive feelings the 3310 drags up?

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