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5 hit songs you (maybe) didn’t know written by Ed Sheeran

A man of numerous abilities. Everybody needs to work with Ed Sheeran. Since the arrival of his breakout single, The A Team, in 2011, the clean haired ginger has designed a fortunate profession for himself as a Grammy-winning troubadour and productive musician, composing and singing with Taylor Swift (Everything Has ...

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Surprise, Surprise! Trump elected as the new President of the United States

The world was surprised. Donald Trump elected as President of the United States. Previously, there were no political observer or surveys are predicting a spectacular victory of this controversial billionaire. Republican presidential candidate has defeated his opponent Democrat, former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Trump victory was confirmed on ...

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4 evidence Donald Trump often harass women!

US presidential candidates from Republican Party, Donald Trump, yesterday into the media spotlight and the public of United States of America because he’s reportedly been harassing women in a video in 2005. The video footage obtained by the Washington Post newspaper and circulated on Friday. Various media directly proclaim that ...

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Natural: Boys Like Things, Girls Like People

Girls’ brains are wired to respond to people and faces but boys’ brains respond to objects and their shapes. Studies of babies from a few hours old to a few months all show this one clear point: boys like things, girls like people. Scientific, measurable differences between the sexes show ...

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President Jokowi: Making Indonesia Axis of The World’s Maritime

Yogyakarta (15/11) – Indonesia’s newly appointed president Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stresses much on making Indonesia the axis of the world’s maritime. This emphasizing is reasonable due to Indonesia’s strategically located geographical position which has not been optimized by previous rulers. Jokowi expressed his thoughts during a session held in the Konferensi ...

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