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“Even Ducks Form a Better Line:” Sudden Reaction To Gasoline Price Hike

YOGYAKARTA (17/11) – The unending line of hungry-gasoline vehicles made road users uncomfortable. A few of them expressed their feeling by simply mocking them. As a very quick response to president Jokowi’s statement of fuel price hike which will be effective starting (18/11) tomorrow, vehicle owners, two wheeled and four wheeled started to crowd at every single gas station available. A road user which I managed to “interview” during an approximately 5 minute traffic jam, Susilo, stated, “Kampungan banget sih ini orang-orang, bebek ngantri aja lebih rapi!” (He was saying something which can be translated somewhere near “people lack manners in lining, even ducks form a better line than them”). He expressed his grief as he was stuck in a sudden traffic jam caused by the sudden leap of “gas station visitors.” When lining waiting for the green light at the Sagan street light, hundreds of vehicles were seen packing the SPBU Sagan, taking their last chance of buying gasoline by IDR 6.500, since the prices will rise tomorrow morning.

The crowd attracted a few road users which asked why the sudden commotion as they realized that fuel prices are about to rise tomorrow. Some gas station workers looked dazzled as they tirelessly filled the tanks of the vehicles one by one. The fuel rise is hoped to be able to solve the gap between classes in Indonesia and also to stabilize the inflation rate. By taking a bold step, president Jokowi is deemed to have even more “enemies,” God knows in what context.

As an end note, we are yet to be refreshed by the fact that the media, especially broadcasting media, is still going strongly in Indonesia, proven by the sudden crowd which happened after users got information from the media.

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