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4 evidence Donald Trump often harass women!

US presidential candidates from Republican Party, Donald Trump, yesterday into the media spotlight and the public of United States of America because he’s reportedly been harassing women in a video in 2005.

The video footage obtained by the Washington Post newspaper and circulated on Friday. Various media directly proclaim that event and forcing Trump to apologize. Things he did for the first time in the campaign.

Trump is known for what he said were blunt and rude. Not just once Trump ever harass women. Here are four of evidence that shows Trump ever demeaning women:

1. Trump promised to jail women who have abortions if he becomes US president

US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, announced plans to ban the practice of abortion. This racist politician also wants the women who have abortions to be punished severely.

“Abortion should be made illegal and the women who have abortions should receive some punishment,” he said as quoted by the Times of Israel, on Thursday (31/3).

Trump said abortion shall be punished severely because abortion is a sin and religiously forbidden.

Boss of the casino business and the property business was issued a controversial statement when speaking in a television talk show in Winsconsin MSNBC, USA. This issue asked by host Chris Matthews, because it deals with the United States Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

Heard a statement issued by Trump, Hillary Clinton who is a rival candidate for US president, said Trump’s comments will be noted. Clinton added that what was spoken by Trump just to gain the sympathy of conservative voters.

“Just because you say it, you think it could take public sympathy. It was horrible and precise,” Clinton wrote on her Twitter account.

Comments from Trump also protested by pro-abortion activists. According to them, it is a human right for themselves. Meanwhile, the cons of abortion, although they agreed with the statement issued by Trump, they’re just afraid it is merely an attempt by Trump to show empathy towards women.


2. Trump equate women with animals

In the presidential debate some time ago, Hillary Clinton said that her rival, Donald Trump does not respect women. This statement raised by Clinton after Trump said that she did not deserve to be president because she does not have the stamina.

“She does not have the stamina,” Trump said to Clinton in the first US presidential debate at Hofstra University, New York, United States, as quoted by The New York Times, Tuesday (27/9).

Meanwhile, Clinton who is experienced in governance because she has been a US Secretary of State said that Donald Trump change the topic of gender equality.

“He tried to change the chance to find an excuse through stamina, but this guy calling equate women with pigs, idlers, and dogs. Certainly he likens women like animals,” said Clinton.

3. Trump called Miss Universe as Miss Piggy

A former Miss Universe became a topic in the first debate US presidential candidates.

In the first debate of presidential candidates the United States, Clinton accused the Trump treats women very badly included claims that he had been insulted by calling Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy” because of weight gain after the end of the pageant.

Quoted from the BBC, Clinton also said Trump once called Miss Universe 1996, who was born in Venezuela as “Miss Housekeeping”.

4. Trump ever mentions the word of female genitals in public

US presidential candidates Republican Donald Trump apologize to the public because of his comments against women. The apology from Trump was the first time he did in the 16 months of the campaign.

In a video footage that took place in 2005, Trump had said he wanted to have sex with a married woman. Not only that, he also mentions the female genitalia with vulgar word.

Video that is part of a recording for the show titled “Access Hollywood” was obtained by the Washington Post newspaper and widely circulated yesterday.

Vulgar comments issued by Trump came just a few months after he married his third wife, Melania.

“If you’re a star, they (women) let you to do that. You can do anything, fingering their vagina. Anything,” Trump said at the time, as reported by CNN, Saturday (8/10).

Responding to the news, the Clinton campaign team chirping in the social media Twitter.

“This is really serious. We can not allow this kind of person to be president.”

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