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Iraqi minister called aliens build the first airport in the world

Iraqi Transport Minister Kazem Finjan in a press conference said the new airport will be built in a location where space launch aliens built 7,000 years ago.

According to Finjan, ancient aliens built the first airport in the earth’s surface at 7,000 last year in Dhi Qar, south Iraq. Alien, he said, to build the airport as interplanetary exploration missions.

“When the Sumerians settled here, they know exactly the conditions here are suitable for flying into space. From this place Sumerian spacecraft took off to another planet,” he said.

Not only that, Finjan also said that the ancient spacecraft at that time have discovered Planet Pluto and mythical planet Nibiru.


“For anyone who doubts, please read the book by the great historian Sumerian, Zecharia Sitchin, or the book of Samuel Kramer is one of the book titled ‘History of the Sumerians started,” he said.

One of the the book that Finjan means is ’12th Planet’ which was written in 1976. Stich Stich is a self-taught Sumerian origin. In the book the author describes a planet called Nibiru, the residence of the extraterrestrial alien aka the journey to Earth at 450 thousand years ago and then reproduce with humans.

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