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A decor made from tampah in front of Ruang Layar Tancep

Jagongan Media Rakyat 2014.: Berkumpul. Berbagi. Bergerak.

A decor made from tampah in front of Ruang Layar Tancep
A decor made from tampah in front of Ruang Layar Tancep

Hot weather didn’t reduce the number of motorcyclists entering the parking lot of Jogja National Museum (23/10) today. Vehicles were lined as some people directed them where to park. Aside from the people who came with their vehicles, some highschool students wearing their uniforms were also spotted entering the museum areal on foot. An interesting event is being held there starting from Thursday (23/10) to Sunday (27/10), an event which arouses the curiosity of passers by. In front of the parking lot, a big banner was placed, announcing the event: Jagongan Media Rakyat 2014.

Jagongan Media Rakyat (afterwards written JMR) is an annual two-yearly event held by Combine Resource Institution (afterwards named as Combine), a community which focuses on issues related to the development of community media and also the implementation of communication and information technology. Receiving a stable response towards its first JMR held on 2010, JMR 2014 is held as a third time serial event. Same as the previous years, JMR 2014 focuses on media and communication related issues. The event is supported by various media communities, societies and institutions, such as LKiS, HiVos, KontraS, KPK, JALIN MERAPI, Remotivi, Watchdoc, ICT Watch, SEATTI and many more. JMR 2014 brings up policy advocacy, media literacy and technology innovation as its core themes.

Another decor placed in front of the entrance.
Another decor placed in front of the entrance.

Visitors were greeted by an information booth where free brochures, stickers, postcards and bookmarks were handed out by the committee. Afterwards, visitors were given a brief layout of the building, and also a sneak peak about what’s inside. JMR 2014 is consisted of two international seminars, one held earlier today from 09.00-13.00 with the theme “Perencanaan dan Pengawasan Pembangunan Berbasis Komunitas,” inviting Mr. Bambang Widjojanto (vice chief of KPK) as the keynote speaker, Dandhy Laksono (ex-RCTI and SCTV TV journalist, now a member of Watchdoc) and also other competent speakers. JMR 2014 also provides visitors with discussions and screenings of a total of 36 films, mostly films which aren’t allowed to be broadcast freely, an art exhibition consisting of paintings and photographs, art shows starred by guest communities, open discussions in topics related to JMR 2014 themes and also a culinary festival.

JMR takes place in a few rooms inside the Jogja National Museum, which is then divided into small media-themed rooms. The biggest space, Balai Warga (Pendapa Ajiyasa) will be functioned by seminars and discussions which are predicted to attract the most participants. Other spaces, such as Ruang TV, Ruang Radio, Ruang Ponsel, Ruang Surat Kabar and Ruang Layar Tancep is to be used for discussions and/or movie screenings related to the topic brought. Some public vendors were spotted behind the main building, crowded by visitors who came to try the food and beverages sold.

Although provided an event which is deemed quite important for Yogyakarta’s citizens, I can’t help but feel sad of the lack of antusiasm of Yogyakarta’s people during the first session of JMR 2014. Sure, there were quite a lot visitors coming but from a few chats or two, I realized that mostly those who came to JMR are those who already understands the media at the least, while this event was supposed to be targetted to those who haven’t been informed of media literacy and so. From the sessions I joined, the people who paid most attention were those who understood how to handle the media. I was a bit relieved when I entered the Ruang Layar Tancep and found out that there were a few teenagers and also children who watched some documentary films, including “The Years of Blur,” a film documenting the unfinished murder case of a BERNAS Yogyakarta reporter, Udin, “Kubur Kabar Kabur,” a film about the fate of journalists in Indonesia and “Oligarki Televisi,” a very good film (which tentatively matches my study in Ilmu Komunikasi UGM).

Well, I wrote this short report (I don’t think this can be considered as a news; I’m still learning how to write a news anyway) during a small session break. I’ll write some film reviews and also critics regarding to all the films I have (and will) watch, including a film which was censored by KompasTV, “Yang Ketu7uh,” and also “Dibalik Frekuensi.” Hopefully now, the theme that has appealed to me much; media literacy, will be spread to all parts of Indonesia, starting from JMR 2014, Yogyakarta.

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