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4 evidence Donald Trump often harass women!

US presidential candidates from Republican Party, Donald Trump, yesterday into the media spotlight and the public of United States of America because he’s reportedly been harassing women in a video in 2005. The video footage obtained by the Washington Post newspaper and circulated on Friday. Various media directly proclaim that ...

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Natural: Boys Like Things, Girls Like People

Girls’ brains are wired to respond to people and faces but boys’ brains respond to objects and their shapes. Studies of babies from a few hours old to a few months all show this one clear point: boys like things, girls like people. Scientific, measurable differences between the sexes show ...

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Taylor Swift Shows Off Her Newest “Style”

Taylor Swift has officially landed her 3rd music video from her “1989” album. “Style” is the title of the lucky song chosen to be her next single. The announcement that said the music video would be released February 13th was announced by Swift herself through her instagram account. Of course, ...

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I bet you, the first thing that will pop in your mind when you heard the word ‘carousel’ is probably the merry-go-round at amusement park or night fair. Let me clear things out, this ‘carousel’ is actually an electro-pop band consists of three Berklee College of Music graduates; Jackson, Tyler, ...

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Top Three Dissapointing Series’ Finale

Admit it, you have that one awesome show that you wish will never end. But then everything should have an ending, right? According to Chaca.com, there are at least three shows that had the most disappointing twists, you’d wish these shows never started at all! Gossip Girl Six seasons listening ...

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