I bet you, the first thing that will pop in your mind when you heard the word ‘carousel’ is probably the merry-go-round at amusement park or night fair. Let me clear things out, this ‘carousel’ is actually an electro-pop band consists of three Berklee College of Music graduates; Jackson, Tyler, and Kevin. They created tune that combines electronic with the sprinkle of ear-catching pop. Carousel received immediate attention from many music blogs all over the web since their first single released. So, no surprise they could be the opening band for Neon Trees, Penguin Prison, Morning Parade, Civil Twilight, and many others can’t be mention.

Carousel was the one I’ve been eager to share to other music buffs because their music is just worthy enough to listen to. The first time I listened to them, I just knew that I will eargasming over it for a long time and I did. It’s been a year since I knew them and their tunes are the type that wont get me tired of.

Nisa’s recommendations are : “Best of Me” and “Games” from 26 Allston album. Also “Not Enough”, “Wolf’s Awake”, and “Another Day” from their 2013 album Palms.

Give Carousel a listen and found yourself banging your head or dancing to the vibes around your room.

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