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Surprise, Surprise! Trump elected as the new President of the United States

The world was surprised. Donald Trump elected as President of the United States.

Previously, there were no political observer or surveys are predicting a spectacular victory of this controversial billionaire.

Republican presidential candidate has defeated his opponent Democrat, former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Trump victory was confirmed on Wednesday (9/11/2016) early morning 02:30 US eastern time.

A number of survey institutes projecting Trump victory in the state of Wisconsin that provides the necessary 270 electoral votes Trump to become the new occupant of the White House.

The victory of businessman who was born on June 14, 1946 have already started to smell after he unexpectedly destroyed the fortress “Blue Firewall” Hillary.

Trump made a shock supporters of Hillary with convincing win in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania who always choose Democrat candidate since the US presidential election in 1988.

Revolution “Rust Belt” for victory Trump who became a symbol of the revolution “Blue Collar” ironically based on “Blue Firewall” Hillary belong, namely in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The state often called the “Rust Belt States” is dominated by blue-collar voters who mostly are not educated to university level.

Voters are working-class voters who are lured by Trump style populist rhetoric denouncing globalization and free trade.

Factors that are believed to result in their loss of jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector are outsourced to outside the US.

Demographics these voters mostly live in small towns and agricultural areas.


Trump the outsider

Trump victory also became a symbol of the US public anger against the political elite in Washington DC that is not considered sensitive to economic difficulties they face.

People voiced frustration with politicians from both parties, both Democrats and Republicans, who continue relentlessly hostile causing gridlock in the government.

Trump figure with his outsider status as a successful businessman with no political background is considered as the new face of different politicians in Washington.

End of Hillary’s Era

Hillary steep road had begun after the defeat he suffered in a crucial swing state, namely Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and North Carolina.

In addition, Hillary also difficult to win in Virginia, where she has always led away in the survey results.

Clinton probably won, but very thin. This thin results is a nightmare that defeat her sight.

After 40 years as the face of US politics, ranging from the First Lady to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, this defeat marked the end of the political career of Hillary.

For the second time, Hillary failed to become president.

Previously, he also defeated by Barack Obama in the primary election in 2008.

Clinton himself has called Trump to convey congratulations and concede defeat.

Hillary is not scheduled to deliver a speech of her defeat at the Jacob K Javits Center in Manhattan, New York.

Meanwhile, Trump might soon deliver a victory speech at the Hilton Hotel, which is also located in New York.

This victory means that Trump has break two record. First, he was the first person without any political experience that is mandated as president.

Second, Trump is now 70 years old, he will be the oldest president in US history, a record topple Reagan was sworn in at the age of 69 years.

Welcome, Mr. President ….

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