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Top Three Dissapointing Series’ Finale

Admit it, you have that one awesome show that you wish will never end. But then everything should have an ending, right? According to Chaca.com, there are at least three shows that had the most disappointing twists, you’d wish these shows never started at all!

  1. Gossip Girl

Six seasons listening to the same voice saying “Who am I? That’s one secret I never tell.” And then one day the secret was revealed, Dan Humphrey—the old-fashioned guy—suddenly become Upper East’s biggest stalker. This revelation, however, didn’t really fill in the plot-holes. It might be a lot better to leave the story behind than explain it that way.

  1. Roseanne

This 1988 popular TV Show may still remains favorite to the fans. But they shouldn’t forget how this story ended. Eventually, the entire show had been a fictional story that Roseanne Conner was writing about her life, and the events in the story differed from actual events. Too hard to end the story, huh?

  1. Lost

Rated 8.6 stars on IMDB.com didn’t mean Lost had a satisfying end. The twist ending of ‘Lost’ did not reveal that the entire series had taken place in some sort of purgatory after everyone died in the Flight 815 crash. The series ended with all of the characters reuniting in a church after each of their respective deaths.

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