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You won’t expect the #1! 10 Richest President of the United States of America

Being president of the United States is likely to be one of the most coveted jobs. However, the US president is not an easy task and often very difficult and “terrible”.

Former president Richard Nixon even once said, scrubbing floors and cleaning bedpans much more honorable than to be president.

As bad as that all? Certainly not. US president certainly has many advantages, one of them is financially.

In fact, the average US president has a wealth of $ 62 million, 200 times greater than most US people’s income.

Here’s a list of 10 richest US presidents, starting from 10th.


10. Bill Clinton (the wealth of 55 million US dollars)

Although Bill Clinton was a successful lawyer before entering politics, most wealth is generated after leaving the White House.

His autobiography My Life sold more than 2.2 million copies. In addition, Bill earn more revenue from his honorarium to speak at various events.

9. Franklin D Roosevelt (60 million dollars)

FDR was president of the United States with the longest tenure in the history of the country. He inhabits the White House for 12 years.

He gained a wealth of family heritage and the family of his wife, Eleanor. However, his wealth could not compete with his cousin Teddy.

8. Herbert Hoover (75 million dollars)

Unlike other presidents, Hoover did not inherit any of the wealth of his family. In fact, Hoover is an orphan who have his wealth from the mining industry.

Unfortunately, the business that was victorious unable to pass through the great depression in the 1920s.

7. Lyndon B Johnson (98 million dollars)

Johnson, who became president after John F Kennedy was assassinated, the nation’s success moving the United States through the fight against poverty program.

Johnson got much of his fortune from a very wide land ownership in Texas.

6. James Madison (101 million dollars)

This President from 1809-1817 is known as the “Father of the US Constitution” and earn a significant income as president and foreign minister.

However, the real wealth was from plantation of over 1,600 hectares in Virginia called Montpelier.


5. Andrew Jackson (119 million dollars)

The President proclaimed himself as a populist who dissolved the Federal Bank wealth that was quite surprising.

His wealth comes primarily from the ownership of land and military career.

4. Theodore Roosevelt (125 million dollars)

Power in 1901-1909, Teddy did come from a wealthy family from New York. Yet he had experienced financial difficulties in the early days of his life.

However, he began to gain wealth as a writer and produced more than 40 titles throughout his life.

The most valuable assets were the plantation Sagamore Hill on Long Island.

3. Thomas Jefferson (212 million dollars)

President of the ruling party in 1801-1809 has numbers of successful businesses.

However, just as the founders of the United States, real wealth comes from his property.

One of them is a property called Monticello in Virginia, which is still considered one of the architectural wonders.

2. George Washington (525 million dollars)

The first president of the US Wealth incredible wholly derived from the things of land.

Washington family is one of the most successful land speculators and plantation in Virginia Mount Vernon, He at least had area of 3,200 hectares.

1. John F Kennedy (1 billion dollars)

Like his father Joe Kennedy, JFK’s fortunes from variety successful businesses such as banking, stock, sale of liquor, and produce films.

Technically, JFK never become a billionaire, because he was killed before inheriting his family fortune.

But during his tenure in 1961-1963, JFK had access to the very large trust fund family and had number of assets such as real estate.

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