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YouTube Is Not a Bunch of Sex Object, My Mistakes and Regrets (Learn from Chris Oflyng’s Apology Video)

I Feel Like a Sex Object, My Mistakes and Regrets.

by Chris Oflyng

I normally don’t swear in my videos but in this one I do. I had no prep filming this, its off the cuff and straight up unlike my other videos. The only reason its cut and edited is because it was a 30 min rant with long pauses that made no sense before I cut it up.

I believe people on the internet shape their lives and pretend to be perfect in order to make money often times, Ive made mistakes here on the internet and I want to embrace them. My mistakes make me who I am. Without them I wouldn’t be Chris. This is me being transparent and setting a new standard for my social media.

When I started my youtube channel I wanted to share my life, personality and art with the world. For the first year this is what I did. As you know lots of youtubers make lots of money and do this solely for that money. After growing and seeing the potential money that could and was being made by my couleges I decided to step away from what I personally wanted to do and started doing what “sold” the best. I marketed and let myself be marketed as a someone who I wasn’t and as a result lost my passion for making videos. I’m not against or mad at any youtubers who I collaborated with in a sexual way, I regret going against my hearts true calling for views. After realizing that I was in deep and had made mistakes and videos I regretted I first thought I’d just ignore it. But The cycle of creating and posting click-bait is addictive and I think it ruins the internet. Ive decided to hold myself accountable and make this video. Rather than deleting the content Im just going to change the clickbait on it and call it what it is, a regret. The thumbnails and titles on all the major videos I did solely for views that are not genuine to me I am changing to just that so they are no longer click bait. I want this channel to be about my growth as a person. I am human. I make mistakes. I am willing to accept those mistakes and keep them as public and endure the hate rather than hide them and try to create a fake image of who I am. Everyone try’s to shape a perfect image of themselves on the internet. I want to put an end to that on my behalf. Its fake. Its bullshit. Its marketing and its wrong. I’m sorry for being in-genuine, not just to the fans, but to myself.


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